"Hobbit Hideaway" began as a personal mission to escape the "rat-race" by developing a home based business.  With the help of a wise mentor, it grew into a vision of an enchanting space to invoke inner peace and tranquillity. The vision was achieved with Rocket Architects & Hartwyn Ltd, natural builders and educators, amongst others. A pop-up learning village was created to enable 10 students the ability to develop confidence and increase skills as they built a natural home from start to [almost] finished. The process was captured in the video below by film maker, Dewi Roberts.

The learning village ran for 13 weeks from June to September 2018. Students slept on-site in their own tents, ate together in a communal marquee, worked 9 - 5pm and had weekends off. You can read about the students who took this opportunity on Get Rugged facebook album "Students" or see the progress for yourself in the weekly "natural build albums".

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A learning experience encapsulated in film

"I feel so grateful for this experience"


"This has been a legendary summer I will remember for the rest of my life"


"This has been a life changing experience and it is humbling that we were lucky enough to do it"


"It has been totally incredible!"


"The entirety of building has been illuminating & inspiring"


New Skills Learned

"General tool competence

Material knowledge

Project Management


Timber Framing

Straw-bale building

Clay plastering"



"Raising the reciprocal roof

Putting up the rafters

Boarding the roof

Installing straw-bale walls"


Hartwyn Learning Village Student Feedback