Style & Appearance


What do you imagine your home would look like?


A classic work of art, rustic and charming, traditional, period inspired or camouflaged into the natural surroundings?


Do you have a shape in mind?


Would your home have any unique features or characteristics?




Contemplate the space inside your future home.


What is essential and what is desirable?


Consider how you would move from room to room and focus on the natural flow of your everyday movements.


Create a floor plan with your daily living such as your possessions, work and visitors in mind.


What are your minimum and maximum requirements?


Think about storage and natural light.


Good design can enable small spaces to feel much larger.

Think about the fabric of your build, what would you like it to be made of?


What is readily available and plentiful in the immediate environment?


Wood, straw, cob, clay, stone?




Look around for inspiration and ideas. What have others done, why do you like it, what makes it unique or special to you?


You will find a feast of examples and the opportunity to join discussion groups and tap into collective whit, wisdom and experience at:

What size of home would meet your needs, now and in the future?


Could you make your design smaller and still achieve your dream home?


Consider a home that could grow with you?


Size not only costs money to build, but also to heat and maintain.

Natural self-build is a journey that begins and ends with the environment in mind.

Start with the end in mind and have fun on the journey!