How “green” are you or would you like to be?

How flexible and adaptable are you?

List and prioritise what you would be prepared to compromise and what you would not.

What is achievable and realistic in your present situation?

In terms of your budget, what could you afford?

What skills do you have and what could you learn?

How much time and energy do you have to invest?

What support do you need to make this happen?

Keep it Simple

Keep it Real


Think about the materials you could use


Would you prioritise natural, plentiful, untreated, locally available  materials?


Should they be renewable, reclaimed, reused, recycled?


How far would they need to travel to get to you?


Could you use local labour and suppliers?


How much energy would be used and embodied in their production?

How to heat and power your home


Could you maximise your insulation and need less heat?


How about using the sun’s free energy?


Or thermal mass materials like stone or slate to absorb, store,

release and regulate temperature?


Renewable energy


Would you consider wind turbines, hydro power, biomass boilers,

the earth’s geothermal energy or ground/air heat source pumps?


Or is your dream to live totally off grid?


Future waste


How will it be treated and how can it be minimised?


What do you think about compost toilets, reed-bed systems or reuse of water?